January 9 – General Electric and McCarthyism

 Dec 9, 1953
January 9 - General Electric and McCarthyism
Senator Joseph McCarthy


Today, General Electric and McCarthyism announced that all the communists and workers will be laid off by the company. January 9 – General Electric and McCarthyism” This law is part of a period of American history known as the Second Red Scare, and that the American society at large, and in particular to the government’s fear of a communist invasion of the United States of America. This period is also known as the McCarthy Era, the name of which is derived from the movement of the greatest explorers, the united states, Senator Joseph McCarthy


In spite of the relations between the SOVIET union and the United States during the Second World War, tensions between the two countries were made at the end of the second world war. The excitement centers around two opposing social ideologies, which stood in front of the US, it is a symbol of capitalism and democracy, while the SOVIET union was a strong communist society. The influence of the Soviet Union in Europe was a particular issue with the voltage, which is the best way to describe it, as Winston Churchill called it, the ideological, the boundary between Eastern Europe and Western Europe, it was the ‘Iron Curtain’.” 

January 9 - General Electric and McCarthyism


The possibility of a communist-sympathizers by the United States of America, the government has said. In an effort to eliminate the communist and socialist ideologies in the United States of America, the government took action. “January 9 – General Electric and McCarthyism” These are included in Vegas, and the security controls within the government itself, along with the list of individuals and companies suspected of communist ideology. 


What started off as an action of the government, quickly turned into a nationwide search for the new. In the decades, people have a tendency to blame each other for the Communists, and without any evidence to prove that. A social epidemic, even in comparison with  The witch trials have been based on the assumption that if a person is being accused of communism, however, they do not have a real chance to be released. ‘January 9 – General Electric and McCarthyism” was widely distributed during the late forties and fifties, but gradually comes to an end in the late fifties, for example, the changing face of public opinion. 

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